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                 Located in the south of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Ningbo Green Source Garden Tools Co.,Ltd. Is a special manufacturer of the Garden sprinklers which covering an area of 20000 square meter, including the buildings area 11000 square meter. Also, the company is a modern factory who has advanced facility and management.

                 There are many professional of design, develop, technology, quality management and manufacture management in our company, so we have the powerful ability to develop the new mold for our customers. Now we have the most advanced equipment of Die Cast, Injection and Machine Process, so believe that we could satisfy you with our quality products.

                 We pay more attention to develop the new products, so the products of Green Source have suitable structure , Novelty and unique appearance and different types. Also we are glad to develop the new products for our customers by their samples or design.

                 Welcome all the friend from the world to Green Source and hope we could cooperate with you for our beautiful future!

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